Hi everyone!

It's been nearly two months since Betterware ceased trading and I felt I should I let everyone know how I've felt since it happened.  It was such a big part of my life as I helped my parents out by putting catalogues out and collecting them in my own area and one area that my father gave me.  This got me out of my flat nearly every day and also gave me something to do when I organised the catalogues that I was going to put out.  I am now having to find other things to do to fill the time that had been taken up by Betterware.  Fortunately, I enjoy watching TV and have a backlog of recordings that I had to get through but I'm also trying to get out of my flat even if it's to the shop to buy a few items.  I am actually only missing Betterware a little bit.  I will be glad when winter comes as I didn't really like going out and doing it in the rain, snow and whatever other conditions winter threw at me.

Thanks for reading my little entry on the sad ending for a, mostly, wonderful company.


Mark King MCP