George & Amal Clooney Welcome Twins

George & Amal ClooneyGeorge & Amal Clooney

Hi everyone!

I just about the good news about George & Amal Clooney welcoming twins!  Since all I've been writing about recently is about terrorist related events, I thought I would write about something joyous.  Unlike a lot of celebrities that have had children, George & Amal have chosen sensible names for their twins, Alex & Ella.  Both are very nice name and I congratulate the pair on both the choice of names and also on the births.  I have watched a lot of George's work and think of myself as a a bit of a fan (and I wouldn't mind having his bank account!).  I am absolutely positive that Alex & Ella are going to be among the most spoilt children in the world!  They will want for nothing!  I wish I could be one of the twins!!!

Once again, congratulations to George & Amal!


Mark King MCP