Happy New Year & A Dangerous Driver

Hi everyone!

Firstly I would like to welcome everyone to 2018 and hope that everyone is having an enjoyable first few days.  May the rest of 2018 be far more productive than 2017!  I had a bit of late Christmas due to the fact that I had a bug on Christmas Day & Boxing Day which meant that I didn't get my presents until 27th December!  The best present that I received from my parents is a new microwave with grill that I been wanting for a few months since my last one was wearing out.  I'd had since I moved into my flat in 2009 and had got it from an advert in the Gazette.  Who knows how long they had had it?  I suspect at least a few years therefore that would mean it's at least 10 years old!  Pretty good run for a cheap, basic microwave!

On the way home from my parent's place at the top of town at after 2300 hours, I was shocked to be in front of a driver that DID NOT have their headlights on!  This was a major shock to me especially since it was raining heavily!  On many occasions I tried to signal with my hand for them to put on their lights but they ignored me.  At one point they overtook me and I rolled my window and shouted "Lights!" to them.  I, also, honked a fair few times as they drove away!  If that was you last night then I hope you have lost your license as you were driving EXTREMELY dangerously in my book.  That, IMHO, is even more dangerous than driving with a phone in your hand!

I think that is enough for this first entry of 2018.  Once again, Happy New Year and hope it goes well for everyone!


Mark King MCP