Bombing at Manchester Arena After Ariana Grande Concert

Hi everyone!

I woke up this morning to learn about about the tragic bombing at the Manchester Arena.  As a fan of Ariana Grande and also as one of my nieces was supposed to be attending one of her concerts (locally, I do believe) this has hit especially close to home.  I just thought I would add my thoughts on the cowardly so-an-so's (I would use worse terms but I am trying to keep this sensible and not descend to their level) actions.  I am lucky in so much as I am not a concert go-er and this puts me in an good position unlike the people that, unfortunately, got caught up in this coward's act.  I loathe and despise people that take this course of action and harm others just because they have a grudge against the UK for whatever reason.  I HATE violence (apart from when it's part of a film then it's fantasy and filmed carefully to protect the cast & crew) especially when children are involved.  As a Star Trek fan, I am looking forward to the day when Earth is a paradise and we can live to peace with one another.  I would love to live in that world.  We REALLY need to end all this bloodshed once and for all!

Thanks for reading this entry of my blog and my thoughts go out to all those that have been affected this incident especially those that are friends or relatives of the 22 people that died in the bombing.  May they Rest In Peace.

Mark King MCP