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26th June 2022

SCOTUS's decision to reverse Roe v Wade

I've learnt of the Supreme Court of the United States decision to reverse Roe v Wade which means that individual states will be able to decide whether they would like to ban abortions.  I think the Supreme Court is thinking only in the short term and it's an absolute travesty that it's happened.  I think that abortion is a woman's human right and that should be respected world-wide.  Right now this is making feel ashamed to be half-American.  If I could I would dis-avow my American side just because America is now longer a great country.  President Biden really needs to step and sort this mess out immmediately.  Fortunately companies like Google & Microsoft have already made promises to help pay for any women that need to travel in order to get an abortion.  This makes me respect those companies above the Supreme Court.  The problem with the Supreme Court is that it's mostly made up of men that have no idea what it's like to be a woman (or young girl) that becomes pregnant and doesn't want to have the child for whatever reason.  They tend to be religious people that are following the tenants of the Pope.  IMHO, the Pope is firmly behind the times and has never moved forwards with the times.  This is one of the reasons why I have a strong dislike of religion in general.  I believe that religion is too easy to corrupt for someone's personal ends.  Take terrorism for example.  How many people people have commited horrid crimes because they were convinced that some higher power (let's for the time being call higher power "God" but you can substitute that for anything you like) has deemed it necessary.  Personally I think that any higher power would want us all to get along in peace and harmony.  This higher power would also feel comfortable with allow women that are not in the right position, for whatever reason, to end their pregnancies if they deem it necessary.  The time is right for any women with an ounce of common sense and more than one braincell to stand up to the Supreme Court and should that they will not take this easily.  Show the idiots in the Supreme Court that they are the ones with no braincells and that they, obviously, do not understand women in the slightest.  I'm going to leave this rant here as I could go on about this for so much longer.  I just hope that President Biden shows that he is a man of the people and reverses this decision quickly.  If he doesn't that I think he won't make it for another term in office.  I wish all right minded women luck in getting the decision that is right for them.

10th June 2022

Raising Smoking Age & Neighbours Final Filming Day

Today I read this article and thought I would write about how I feel about this.  Personally I think the government should do MORE.  If I were in charge then I would raise the VAT rate on tabacco products to something like 40 or 50% and raise the age that people can buy any tabacco products to something like 50 or so.  These two combined thngs should bankrupt cigarette companies and prevent people from taking up the disgusting habit in the first place.  Since I lost both of my grandfathers to smoking related illnesses before I was born this has given me the attitude that I would LOVE to rid the world of tabacco.  If I had the ability I would go back in time and prevent tabacco from being discovered in the first place.  Think of all the lives that would be saved if I could do that!  Since I can't do that I am going to have to settle on just living in this world and hoping that ONE day smoking is totally outlawed in ALL countries of the world.  Maybe there might be one SMALL island somewhere where ALL the smokers in the world could smoke and pollute each other's lungs in peace.  I just don't want to be around smokers.  I, personally, tend to get headches when I breathe in the smell of tabacco that lingers on smoker's clothes and breath.  This is another reason why I hate being around smokers.  They tend to be vary selfish people that don't consider the effect they have on others.  If you agree with me on what should be done to get rid of this disgusting habit then PLEASE contact your local MP and lets see if we can make the UK a little bit of a  better place to live by riding it of ALL tabacco products.

I also learnt that today was the last day of filming on the set of Neighbours in Australia since it was unable to find a new home when the contract with Channel 5 came to an end.  This is the end of a very long era as I grew up watching Neighbours when I was in primary school and secondary school.  For a long while I even had the hots for several of the actresses on the series including Brooke Satchwell, Kym Valentine & Kylie Minogue to name but a few.  I even got to see Kym Valentine in panto twice one year at the Reading Hexagon before it was demolished.  The second time I tried to hang around the stage door to see if I could acquire her autograph (and maybe a bit more - but that's just me daydreaming a bit!) but sadly I had to leave before she did.  This meant that I've never managed to get her autograph.  Sadly I went off of the series after Kym left for a spell and never quite got back into it.  So for me I'm not really going to miss the series as I have never really been a soap person.  Neighbours was the only soap that I was really into but even that was hit and miss.  May the series rest in soap hevean forever!  My thoughts go out to all who worked on the series over the years & I hope they find work in other prodcutions.  I now this is the case already for a lot of the ex-cast members but I am more talking about the current cast.

6th May 2022

Abortion Debate in the US

Over the last few weeks I've heard about the debate raging in the US over Roe V Wade about whether women should be allowed to have abortions.  PERSONALLY, I am a Pro-Lifer.  In other words, if I got a woman pregnant I would perfer it if she kept the child.  However, I respect a woman's right to decide for herself whether she is in the right position (mentally/financially/etc) to raise that child.  If she isn't then she should be able to have an abortion.  I can understand setting a time limit that if a woman asks for an abortion after that time then it's too late.  What the SCOTUS is not considering is the BIG picture if they decide to to ban abortions.  The big picture is what would happen to all the children that would be produced by not allowing women to get abortions.  The big picture is that most of the children will end up being raised by the State.  The State is already overburdened with some Social Workers having to oversee a lot of children.  This is already leading to a lot of children slipping through the cracks and ending up being abused and raped.  This is only going to get WORSE as more women end up giving up the children that would have been aborted.  Is this what the US government wants?  Do they want to be known as the Government that allowed children to be raped and abused because they didn't want to allow women to have the freedom to choose whether or not they have children?  I know that they might argue that we have birth control that is there to prevent pregnancy but that might not always be available especially if a women or teenager is raped.  In those situations, if no other, women (and teenagers) should be able to get an abortion.  I hope someone from the SCOTUS reads this entry and realises what an idiot they are by not considering the big picture.

27th February 2022

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

I have learnt of Putin's invasion of Ukraine & I feel I need to add my 2 cents worth. I, personally, feel that Vladamir Putin is being a massive idiot. He is just wishing to flex his political muscle. By invading Ukraine he is not winning himself ANY allies. My heart goes out to all the residents of that country. I have never been there but I think it's a wonderful area and has a wonderful population. I loathe and despise any form of bullying. Putin is the world's biggest bully at the moment and the sooner the Russian people vote him out of office the better in my humble opinion. Rather than putting restrictions on Putin, what I think Boris Johnson & Co should do is try and remove Putin from his seat of power. If I was the type to get involved in demonstrations I would have but I am, unfortunately, the type person that would like to work in the background. If you would like to help me achieve this then feel free to drop me an email.

Thanks for reading this and as I have said already, my heart goes out to all the residents of Ukraine. I am routing for you and hope you will win out against someone that had no right what-so-ever in invading your country. GO UKRAINE!!! LIVE LONG & PROSPER!!!

14th February 2022

Ivan Reitman - Director of Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II - RIP

Today I would usually have wished all couples, no matter their orientation, a Happy Valentine's Day but I woke this morning to find that one of my favourite directors has died. Ivan Reitman. He directed Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II among many other great films. I grew up watching the classic film many times and enjoy the theme song by Ray Parker Junior. I was upset when I learnt of the death of Harold Ramis in 2014 and now to hear of Ivan's death which means that there is another ghost that I hope is not busted by anyone. I just learnt that Harold was actually born in the same year as my father - 1944 - which means that he had a special link to me. I would like to send my condolences to all that knew and loved Ivan including all the remaining cast & crew of all the Ghostbusters films and any more recent productions he was working on.

Getting back to more joyous details, I will end this entry of my blog by saying this - please enjoy all the special people in your life and tell them how you feel. I have missed out many times in my life saying this & I wouldn't want other to miss out like me.

13th February 2022

Another Pet Peeve Of Mine

One of my biggest peeves in life is when a series that I am watching comes to an unexpected end. To date there are three series that are on my "Peeves" list and they are Quantum Leap, Scorpion and Private Eyes. Quantum Leap (with Scott Bakula and, the late, Dean Stockwell) came to an end in 1993 when the producers were told that there would be another season but the studio pulled the plug due to low ratings. This meant that the season 5 finale had to be reshot and they out some text on screen basically stating that Sam Beckett (Scott Baklula) kept on leaping and hoping that his next leap would be the leap home. Apparently there was talk of a TV Movie or some sort of continuation so the producers wanted to leave the series open ended but that still left me feeling unforefilled at end of season 5.

Scorpion was another of my favourite series as I thought that I was somewhat like (in intelligence if not in character) the main character, Walter O'Brien. FTR, this series was based on a real person and that was another reason that I liked this series. However this was another series that came to an unexpected end in 2018 when the studio pulled the plug. In the case of Scorpion, rather than put up some text on screen, the series was ended on a cliff-hanger. This is something that I absolutely hate. I remember when I would watch Star Trek: Voyager on TV (back before streaming!) and there was a season finale. I would race down to Blockbusters (remember them?!?) to rent the next season on VHS or DVD just because I couldn't wait until Sky (I think that is what I had at the time) showed the next episode. I did try emailing the real life Walter to see if he could organise, at least, one more episode so that I (and the other fans of Scorpion) could find out whether Team Scorpion or Team Centipede won the contract that featured in the Series Finale. I also would have liked to know who Walter ended up with, Paige or Florence. There were a lot of questions that were left unanswered. This is why I have opted to not watch this series again until these questions are answered.

Private Eyes (starring Jason Priestley & Cindy Sampson) was a brilliant series that I enjoyed watching. This was mainly due to Jordyn Negri (who has a name that sounds like the country where I was born - Jordan). I have just found out that she isn't actually blind which makes her performance even more breath-taking IMHO. I have been a Jason Priestley fan for many years ever since he starred in Beverley Hills 90210. This had a similar ending to Scorpion as the rug was pulled out from under the producers due to low viewer numbers. Just as Matt & Angie had a snog and declared their feelings for each other the end credits came up. I was expecting another season to answer the question of how they were going to handle their new relationship but that, obviously, is not going to happen. If it ever does then I would be the first person to celebrate. Rant is over for today. Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting more things on this blog. Please continue to bookmark to site and visit it as often as possible.

3rd February 2022

Cycling Safety

Today I am going to talk over what the government can do to help protect cyclist on UK roads. Personally, I think that the government should make cycling on UK roads the same as any other vehicle. As a car driver, if I want to use my car on any UK roads, I require a Driving License (i.e. I have passed a theory and practical driving test or be in the process of learning how to drive), car insurance, MOT & road tax. I think cyclists should be held to same standard as any other road user. They should be required to gain a cycling license, be able to insure their bicycle, make sure their bike is road-worthy and they should charged a small amount of road tax. They should also be made to wear appropriate safety gear such as a helmet & padding. When it is dark (which is quite early during winter) they should also be made to wear something that glows in the dark. This would be to help them be seen when they are cycling down streets which might not have any street lights. Bikes should also be fitted, by default, with lights (front (white) & rear (red)) that are the same brightness as the lights on a car. As a driver one of my biggest peeves, in regards to cyclists, is when all I see of them is a small dynamo light that flickers until my headlights come across them. In this era, that light could be mistaken for a mobile phone (or other device) flickering. Do not get me wrong, I am all for people trying to keep fit and do their bit for the environment by not using their cars but most cyclist are not thinking about their safety. How many are going to have to be injured (or worse, die) before the government does something to protect cyclists. I would never say that cycling should be restricted to adults only as it should be a part of every child's life to learn how to ride a bike. I think that is enough on my entry for today and I will be doing my best to submit another entry as soon as possible. See you then everyone and thanks for visiting my site!