One Love Manchester Concert 4th June 2017

One Love Manchester - 04/06/17

One Love Manchester - 04/06/17

Hi everyone!

I have just finished watching the One Love Manchester concert on BBC1.  I just thought I would lend my support to the people of Manchester and let them know that they have my thoughts constantly.  I am immensely proud of Ariana for organizing such an event at such short notice and for all the acts that participated including Miley Cyrus and everyone else.  There was several points where you could see that Ariana was moved and the only way she could cope was to perform.  She did several with other artist.  For a 23 year old young woman she has already experienced a lot and taken on a huge responsibility and, as I already stated, I couldn't be more and happy to be a fan of hers.  If it hadn't been for the location, cost and a few other factors (such as the fact that social events tend to give me massive migraines) I would have been to have attended in person.  I was there in spirit, supporting the people of Manchester and the victims of 22nd May 2017.  May all those who died on 22nd May and today (4th June) Rest In Peace and my condolences goes to all the relatives of those killed or wounded in both terrorist attacks.  We can only beats these idiots by showing them that they CAN NOT beat the spirit of the United Kingdom with bombs.

Show everyone love and support!


Mark King MCP