School Shooting in Florida

Hi everyone!

It was with great sadness that I read about the shooting in Parklands, Florida.  Yet another example of the lax gun laws in the US.  My sympathies go out to all those that were harmed or killed in the attack.  I really would vote (if I was in the States) for any electoral candidate that was willing to go up against the National Rifle Association and remove the right to bare arms from the Constitution.  I, personally, believe that the time to bare arms is long passed and that the only people that should be allowed to bare arms are law enforcement personnel and the military as they have been trained how to use weapons (namely guns in this instance) responsibly.  US citizens should stand up to idiots that believe that they need a weapon to feel safe and get behind politicians that would be willing to stand up to the NRA and those people to hand over their weapons.  The NRA should retire and accept that having a weapon only leads to innocent people getting hurt and killed for totally stupid reasons.

Thanks for listening to my rant on this subject and my thoughts go out to the relatives of all those that were harmed or killed in this latest case of gun madness.

See you in the future!

Mark King MCP