Sugar Tax to begin in 2018

Hi everyone!  

I read this article on the BBC News site and felt I should add my personal opinion to the mix.  As an adult with a fairly high IQ (never really had it checked by I know a lot of things....) I feel that the government is inflicting another tax on it's people when they should be going into schools and educating children on how to eat healthily,  I understand that they are trying to combat the growing obesity problem in the UK but this is not the way to do it!  If they want to do something then they could also ban high sugar soft drinks from schools in the UK and give teachers the power to fine parents that supply their children with high sugar drinks during the school day.  As an avid drinker of Regular Coca-Cola and an intelligent adult I feel I have the knowledge to make an informed decision to choose to drink a high sugar drink.  I don't feel as if I should be punished just because I have made the decision to drink what I like.  Please get onto your local MP and let them know that you should have the right to decide for yourself just what you would like to drink without there being an additional tax just to put some extra money into the government's pockets!  What will the government decide to tax next?  Every breath that we take as we might be contributing to global warming???  As you can see I am a firm believer in education, education, education!  Why doesn't the government have the same belief?

Thanks for listening to my rant on this topic, which is, obviously, very close to my heart.  Please continue to visit my site often to see what topics I cover next!



Mark King MCP