Zookeeper Rosa King Dies

Rosa King (Hamerton Zoo Park/Facebook)
Rosa King (Hamerton Zoo Park/Facebook)

Hi everyone!

I was reading on the BBC News site about the sad passing of someone that shares my surname.  Although I, sadly, never got to meet this fellow King, I filled with sadness at her passing.  I would like to think of her a the younger sister that I never got to meet as she was only about 4 (or so) years younger than me.  I would like to pass my condolences to her mother (also a kindred spirit in so much as she is also a King) and all who knew and worked with her at the Cambridgeshire zoo where she spent most of her time.  She is now spending eternity with all the other animals that have died including all the elephants, tiger and so on that were illegally poached.


Mark King MCP